Contract logistics

PharmaLogisticsPartner – Your full service provider in contract logistics

Ensure that you have enough capacities for the essential tasks in your firm.
We ensure a smooth transport process with delivery to your customer in time.


Contract logistics by the logistics service provider Pharmalogisticspartner

  • Worldwide acceptance from the production facility to the logistics warehouse to POS.

  • IT-controlled transport monitoring

  • Automated stock refilling using electronic data processing networks

  • Information service about the current location of your goods groups.

  • Packaging of goods and quality control managed using bar code scanner.

  • Goods processing in own logistics centres

  • Distribution warehouse, NOS warehouse, best before date management, first in – first out handling,

  • Creation of your delivery notes, invoices, bar codes, labels, etc.

  • Optimisation of information through data connection

  • Development, projection and execution of logistics concepts.

  • Customer consultation for outsourcing projects, process optimisation

  • Take-over of the entire transport logistics and warehouse logistics



System service provider in contract logistics.

Contract logistics are understood in the context of supply chain management as long-term, work sharing cooperation between a manufacturer or dealer of goods and a logistics service supplier, regulated by a service contract. Contract logistics suppliers also carry out tasks in close contact with logistics within the value added chain and are the connecting element in the value chain.

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