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Your logistics partner for internet trade

Our professional logistics knowledge is not only available for the pharmaceutical industry but also for further branches of E-Commerce as their globally operating logistics partner!

Professional cooperation with a full service logistics provider is a fundamental factor of your customer retention when you are an internet trader in the B2B / B2C business, or a global player on international markets in the area import / wholesale.

We are at your side for the optimisation of your process procedure, using our complex IT technology based on the most modern data communication. We will develop a tailor-made logistics concept in cooperation with you. This also includes programming data connections and EDI interfaces for information exchange, as well as support and realisation during the implementation of internet shops.

The fulfilment service takes into account the main factors for optimising processes and for avoiding misinterpretations and read errors of your dispatch data.

fulfillment / e-commerce to Pharmaceuticals branch

  • Acceptance of your dispatch data via interfaces / internet system ELOG

  • Picking using a hand-held scanner and terminal scanner at the packing stations

  • Goods processing / value added service / labelling / packaging

  • Print-out of delivery documents with your logo to accompany the consignment

  • Creation of bar code labels / EAN code

  • Traceability of goods movements / best before dates / batches

  • Monitoring of the temperature-controlled warehouse and of the cooling chain.

  • Logistics systems for organic products dealers / Pharmacological goods trade

  • Ecologically-friendly packaging systems, parcel delivery services with CO2 neutral dispatch

  • IT-controlled feedback of your dispatch data


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Fulfilment service – Logistics services for online shops

Fulfilment service is a service for online shops in the area of logistics and inventory management. In addition to the management and storage of the goods of an online shop, as your fulfilment service, PharmaLogisticsPartner also takes over the picking of goods, packaging and dispatch of your goods. A fulfilment service provider assumes the complete goods logistics, from order acceptance and customer management and entry into an electronic system to the picking of goods, packaging, franking, dispatch and billing the customer. Use all your resources and secure our fulfilment service for the picking of goods, the storage logistics or optimal warehousing.

Service of the fulfilment company for efficient logistics

The fulfilment service is worthwhile for online shops that have to invest a large part of their time and resources in management of their goods and warehouse. It is possible to bundle the costs for warehousing and personnel for picking, as well as for the packaging, franking, dispatch and customer management. These tasks are carried out by a fulfilment service provider, who is aware of the goods management, such as goods in – goods out, picking of orders, storage and packaging and also the dispatch of the goods as a parcel right to the customer’s front door. Data processing is also part of the service of the fulfilment service provider. The fulfilment service provider works with an electronic interface for processing goods and customer data. This electronic interface of the fulfilment service is compatible with the common on-line shop systems.

Online shops save time and money by using the fulfilment service.

Online shops save time and money by contracting a logistics provider who offers the fulfilment service. The fulfilment service takes over the logistic processes, such as packaging and picking of goods, the entry of goods and customer data, the management of returns and the express dispatch of parcels via DHL or UPS. You, as the operator of the online shop, can concentrate on the core business and also minimise the risk that the wrong goods are delivered to the customer, or that the customer receives incomplete consignments.

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