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Our Testimonial

  • As a well-known and reliable logistics partner, we relieve the load of medium-sized pharmaceutical companies and large concerns by offering tailor-made solutions. You profit from a high time and cost saving and can take concentrate on their core business.
    Jörg BrinkmannJörg Brinkmann
    Geschäftsführer / CEO Headquarter Hamburg
  • “Flexibility and reliability are for us the basis of a successful and trustful partnership. This includes the customer having a point of contact, who will be at their service with personal involvement.”  
    Thorsten EckelThorsten Eckel
    Geschäftsführer / CEO Headquarter Hamburg
  • We place great importance in the personal contact; for this reason, we link the products on the market with the customer!
    Uwe BeckerUwe Becker
    Head of Pharma
  • You develop and produce high quality products; we guarantee the quality of delivery right up to the customer!  
    Nicolay HermelinNicolay Hermelin

Logistics for pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical products

Logistic solutions for pharmaceutical, medical and bio science products

We offer modular and computer-controlled logistics solutions for pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, organic products, food additives, biological medicine, biotechnology, organic food stores, organic products of the food branch, medicine or food supplements.

Pharmaceutical logistics in Europe, Asia, USA and Worldwide | ChinaFrom international sourcing, warehousing with batches, first in – first out, best before date management, order picking by scanner, and value added service to the dispatch service, we offer perfected pharmaceuticals logistics. As a pharmaceuticals specialist we offer you an individually suited full service at any time up to the point of sales.

Create planning security for your orders and goods by cooperating with a logistics company that has over 30 years of experience. We also offer motivated experts in logistics, the most modern computer bar code scanners and transport technology are used to fulfil your highest requirements and services.

As a full service logistics supplier, specialised for the pharmaceuticals branch, we transport by ship, aeroplane, train or lorry, clear your goods at customs quickly and without complications, safely store the goods in our modern transhipment centres, work according to specific requirements and deliver just-in-time, using all means of transport in Europe and worldwide on 365 days in the year.

Our global logistics network guarantees local contract partners, who will live up to your expectations at any time.

Ask us for a solution for your comprehensive transport tasks.

We offer individual solutions or complex full service solutions such as outsourcing, door to door offers, express transport, contract logistics, parcel logistics, heavy cargo, goods clearance at customs, warehouse logistics, supply chain management, and much more – please inform yourself using our website.

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We are looking forward to your contact in form of a freight request or an order.

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