High delivery quality and certified warehouse logistics

Our authorities GDP certified quality in the entire supply chain is part of our corporate philosophy and offers you as a customer as well as us as logisticians a high competitive advantage.

Our quality management and the associated audits, authority controls and corresponding GDP certificates as well as our approval according to AMG 52 a para. 1 give you the security of having always stored and transported your products correctly.

We offer you more in terms of performance and quality, yet still flexible workflows and permanent

Process improvements. We achieve this goal through a holistic quality management system.

Among other things, we rely on the scanner-controlled WMS S merchandise management system from Inconco, autoreverse systems in temperature control and air-conditioning technology in the storage areas, automatic Wlan and telematics systems.

Data and temperature monitoring recording and permanent calibration of data loggers in the warehouse and vehicle area.

Information on the wide-ranging quality standards in our entire logistics area.

GDP – Good Distribution Practices – Authorities Certificate–

The certification of Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for pharmaceuticals proves that you pay attention to good distribution practices and quality in all your services.

Good Distribution Practices (GDP) is a quality system for pharmaceutical warehouses and distribution centres. According to the internationally accepted GDP regulations for pharmaceutical products, distributors of pharmaceutical products must comply with the relevant standards. This scheme ensures consistent quality management systems along the entire supply chain, from the delivery of raw materials to manufacturing plants to the shipment of finished pharmaceuticals to end users. Independent assessment of compliance with GDP requirements is the most effective way to determine whether your quality management system is in compliance with GDP guidelines.

During GDP certification for pharmaceutical products, authorities and highly qualified auditors analyze our procedures and methods as well as those of our supply chain partners. This ensures that you continuously produce high-quality products in line with the expectations of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

A valid GDP certificate from the authorities shows that your company pays attention to quality in all its services and is a reliable partner in the healthcare supply chain. Contact us to learn more about GDP Certification for Pharmaceutical Processes

Logistik Akkreditierung und Zertifizierung
AMG §52a para.1

IATA – International Air Transport Association

Since the freight documents in air freight must be uniform and the abbreviations used must be internationally understandable, the distribution of the freight costs paid at the departure airport must be regulated and the containers standardized, international airlines have joined forces to regulate this in IATA. The first objective of IATA is to standardise all the steps in the handling of passengers and freight.

The main tasks are to be distinguished in the definition of uniform tariffs and documents, the establishment of guidelines for in-flight services, the standardisation of baggage allowance limits and the issuing of guidelines for the accreditation of IATA agencies. Almost all global air traffic is operated in accordance with IATA guidelines. Airlines can only become members of IATA if they are licensed by a state that can be selected at the UN and if they offer passenger or freight traffic according to a published flight schedule.

AEO – Authorized Economic Operator

In order to safeguard the end-to-end supply chain from the manufacture of the goods to their delivery to the final consumer, economic operators can apply for the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

The holder of this certificate is generally regarded as reliable within his customs relevant activities. Security conditions were already checked in advance, which are no longer necessary for later customs controls.
As a result, the Authorized Economic Operator enjoys a number of privileges:

  • Easier access to customs simplifications
  • support in reducing the overall safety
  • Accelerated authorisation procedures
  • facilitation of security-relevant customs checks and thus fewer transit delays
  • Priority clearance for controls
  • Relocation of control upon request

The status of an AEO is not mandatory for economic operators, but is a seal of quality that guarantees competitive advantages and better cooperation with business partners. Small and medium-sized companies also benefit from the AEO certificate.

AEO Logistik Akkreditierung und Zertifizierung
Authorized Economic Operator
Certificate DE AEO F 100 267

FIATA – International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations

FIATA is the International Federation of Freight Forwarding Organisations, headquartered in Zurich. As a global commercial organization, FIATA represents some 40,000 forwarding and logistics companies with eight to ten million employees in 150 countries. It was founded on 31 May 1926 in Vienna as a trade organisation for the forwarding industry with the intention of promoting and protecting the interests of the industry worldwide. The DSLV is the only German member of FIATA.

One of FIATA’s main objectives is to highlight the special performance and importance of the forwarding and logistics industry to trade, industry and the general international public. With the development of FIATA documents, it has been possible to establish uniform worldwide standards for the forwarding industry and thus improvements in the cross-border movement of goods.

BIO Certification DE-ÖKO-006

Healthy nutrition is an important part of our attitude to life. Food grown and processed according to the organic guidelines is subject to strict legal regulations. The organic inspection bodies monitor compliance with the regulations transnationally and check the quality standards on site in the companies. This is done in close cooperation with the health authorities and consumer protection.

The documentation of the individual imports and commercial transactions is also monitored and checked annually by the respective inspection body.

IFS Logistics – International Featured Standards

The IFS Logistics standard serves to audit logistics activities for food and non-food products. This includes transport, storage, distribution, loading and unloading, etc. IFS Logistics can be applied to all logistics areas, e.g. delivery by truck, rail or ship, and applies to all types of products, regardless of whether they have to be transported at freezing temperatures, refrigerated or non-refrigerated.

The purpose of IFS Logistics is to close the gap between production and trade and thus obtain a complete overview of the entire supply chain. Until now, the movement and storage of goods was still a weak point in quality assurance.

It is the common goal of trade and industry to create transparency across the entire supply chain. For this reason, the IFS Food Standard was created in 2003 for the production of private label products, according to which producers of private labels must audit themselves. There has been nothing comparable for logistics service providers to date, but the legal requirements for this area have grown continuously. The new EU regulations on traceability will further accelerate this development. In order to prevent manufacturers from being overwhelmed by a flood of different requirements, German and French retailers, with the support of other international retailers and experts, have developed IFS Logistics.

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HACCP Certification

HACCP stands for „hazard analysis and critical control points“ and is a standard for hazard analysis in food handling. HACCP is a cornerstone of various quality and safety certifications.

The avoidance of hazards and preventive measures in the handling of food should protect consumers against possible diseases and injuries. A HACCP concept supports the identification and assessment of potential hazards and the definition of countermeasures based on the analysis.

HACCP Zertifikat
Pharmalogisticspartner eine Marke der Hanse Servcie

All important and relevant certificates and tests were acquired by the parent company, Hanse Service GmbH. Thus also Pharmalogistikpartner stands in the company network for certified quality and achievement!