Customs declarations

Customs clearance and customs declaration for import and export

We keep the overview for you over all questions of customs clearing and the existing import regulations:

What we can do for you:

Import tax clearing, tariff, consultation about declaration

Nationwide (Germany) data connection to customs department using ATLAS

Intrastat submission, export declarations using AES

Summary of incoming / outgoing declarations (ICS / ECS)

Customs dispatch procedure, carnet TIR / ATA

Customs dispatch document creation T1 using NCTS

Procurement of import permits, export licenses, Chamber of commerce

Fiscal representation, handling of fiscal duties within the EU, e.g. BE/NE/LUX

Creation of movement certificates EUR 1, ATR1

Certificates of origin

Application for embassy documents

Storage of dutiable goods, OZL handling using ATLAS (own customs warehouse type D)

Handling of fiscal duties, handling of withholding of import turnover tax within the EEC

Carnet ATA settlement for trade fair goods, goods presentation

Customs tariff, determination of goods groups, statement of duty rates

Duty reimbursement, consultation for customs objection procedures

Approved receiver and sender for dutiable goods

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